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Digital Rep-Driven Communications and Sampling

Rep Express Image The RepExpress program is a virtual sales support program, backed by PTM’s One Source portfolio of direct and digital services. The program enables sales reps and other departments to initiate communications and sampling via multiple channels i.e. email, fax, mail and phone.

All programs are uniquely designed to meet specific brand objectives and sales operational gaps. A RepExpress program can focus on follow-up communications from a sales rep visit or consist of a scheduled communication from a corporate Medical Officer, when no sales force exists.

Each program is integrated across existing CRM platforms via the RepExpress app, providing real time reporting, analytics and timely insights.

Communications may include a wide variety of items:

  • Follow-up letters
  • Rx samples
  • Clinical/promotional materials
  • Co-pay cards
  • CME invites

RepExpress programs are backed by PTM’s team of direct marketing specialists that assist with all aspects of project implementation and logistical support.


Request by Rep

  • Rep reqests sample/communication via RepExpress app

Processing by PTM

  • PTM receives request and executes onsite with full logistics capabilities, including Rx handling

Data Capture and Reporting by CRM

  • Data is captured in CRM and tabulated for real-time reporting and analytics

How it works


Sales time optimization

  • Less administration, more sales time
  • Support for sales cycle fluctuations
  • Ease of access to all ‘sample’ and ‘follow-up’ actions in one application

Improved compliance

  • Accurate tracking and reporting

Extended reach

  • Cost effective coverage for vacant territories and ‘difficult to see’ doctors

Digital integration

  • Improved HCP and rep experience, delivered by a CRM-agnostic app that can fully integrate across all CRMs & technologies

RepExpress is a full range of services that ensure contact continuity with key customers, while increasing efficiency and ROI.